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Grapat 6 Natural Mushrooms

Regular price €13.39

Perfectly shaped for little hands to grasp and hold but also the perfect seat for little tiny dolls and figures....

Grapat 3 Natural Nins

Regular price €11.00

Ref 17-169Includes 3 Nins presented in three different natural woods: Beech, Oak and Sapeli. Presented in plastic bag.Recommended age +...

Grapat 6 Rainbow Bowls

Regular price €21.00

Article presented in plastic bags Art 15-119 Bowls x 6 in 6 colors

Grapat Extras 6 Coloured Balls

Regular price €13.39

Six wooden balls finished with beautiful rainbow shades with non-toxic, water-based color. Perfect for little hands to touch, roll and...

Grapat Extras 6 Natural Honeycomb Cups

Regular price €14.51

Six wooden honeycomb shape Cups finished in natural wax. What are these honeycomb shapes for?? Your children will know! Hide...

Grapat 6 Cups with Lids

Regular price €30.00

It contains 6 cups with lidRecommended age +10 months Material used to contain different types of element. Firstly, they can...

Grapat 12 Wooden Rainbow Nins®

Regular price €30.35

Wooden Rainbow Nins® with an enormous versatility and functionality. Solid Wood, with undefined face or gender, this characteristic allows the little ones...

Grapat Wooden Natural Baby Rattle

Regular price €19.25

11 soft pieces of natural wood with two beautiful bells. Excellent for their first months of exploring the world; soft,...

Grapat 36 Wooden Marbles

Regular price €17.60

This Grapat toy set includes 36 wooden marbles in a rainbow of colours in a fabric bag. Brightly coloured and...

Grapat Wooden Bowls and Spheres

Regular price €43.12

The bowls with spheres a beautiful toy to develop eye-hand coordination. It is 12 bowls with 6 spheres in rainbow colors. The...