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Sophie de Giraf Award set

Sophie de Giraf Award set

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Beautiful cadoset with Sophie the Giraffe and a vanilla bite.

100% natural toy for the cool baby! Made of natural rubber and paint and, therefore, natural Phthalates, PBA and PVC free! The first baby play to help your baby develop his senses!

Look: Due to the dark spots and contrasts on the whole body, the baby's attention attracts and becomes so easily a recognizable and reassuring item for your baby.

Listen: Due to the funny beep, baby's hearing is stimulated and causes a root cause.

Tasting: It's supple and has many parts that baby can babble and bite on (antennas, horns, legs) and so ideal for baby's gums when the teeth come through. It consists of 100% natural rubber and paint and is therefore fully safe for baby.

Feeling: It's lightweight and perfectly suited for baby's little hands and baby's long legs and neck can easily hold him. The skin is as soft as that of mom and rests baby and causes emotional reactions to him that will make him feel comfortable ...

Smell: The special flavor of natural rubber from the Hévéa really gives something apart, making it easy for him to recognize him all the toys.

Size: 17cm high.

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