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Road Works with wooden Excavator, Dump truck and 12 pcs. construction set

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RoadWorks with wooden excavator, Dump truck and 12 pcs. construction Set
The detailed excavators from the series "Road Works" makes the heart of the small excavator driver beat. The massive excavator is made from high quality hardwood. The profiled rubber tires provide a comfortable quiet running smoothness. The cab of the excavator is rotated 360 degrees and the excavator is threefold movable. A small wooden excavator driver is sitting in the cab.
The dump truck made of solid wood is a must on every construction site. The load area can be tilted, the tailgate can be opened. The little truck driver wooden included. Special fun it is to load the truck with the excavators, wheel loaders, crane truck or crane from the series "Road Works". The Construction of the series "Road Works" promote the creativity and imagination of the little builders. The dump truck has profiled tires.
The correct construction feeling completes the 12 pcs. accessories set. The set of the series "Road Works" includes: gas station with acceptable, magnetic tank trunks, concrete mixers with moving mixer, wheelbarrow, vibration plate, 4 fences and 4 pylons

Wooden Excavator: wigth: 12,0 cm, length: 32,0 cm, heigth: 24,0 cm
Wooden Dump Truck: width: 12,5 cm, length: 22,0 cm, heigth: 13,5 cm

Childproof painting in shades of orange, grey and black

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