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Olli Ella


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Each See-Ya suitcase has a retractable handle so that it can be wheeled as well as carried. Lightweight, and sturdy, the See-Ya suitcase comes with an elastic band around the front of the bag so that your child’s favorite plush toy can come too!
Introducing the See-Ya suitcase! Time for travel, adventure, and with a touch of sophistication for the small folk with Olli Ella’s collection of kid-sized luggage. Perfect for a weekend away or a long haul, the See-Ya suitcase easily works as cabin baggage and can be wheeled to and from gates, stations or around the garden by children from toddlers to six-year-old. Not just for travel, the See-Ya is the perfect place to store treasures and toys, and nothing looks sweeter than one of these trunks in a bedroom or playroom.
When the suitcase is not travelling is perfect as storage box  for the most beloved treasures of your little one, looks great at any room!
Weight- 1.5 kg
DIMENSIONS: H 40CM (With Handle 67cm) x W 26CM x D 17CM

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