Kiko+ wooden bagel

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Well, well, it's fun to chop it up.

There's fish, carrot and cheese.

Two eggs to enjoy either sunny side up or crack the shell.

Bagel with crispy lettuce and egg.

Squeeze the delicious rice ball with a pickle inside.

Everyone will join us for lunch!


Material: beech wood / fabric


Kiko+ excels in producing high-quality wooden  ecological and custom branded, Japanese designed toys.

 Japanese brand Kiko+ or also known as Kukkia creates wonderful high quality and design wooden toys. Toys that stimulate children's imagination and enjoy every moment of play.  Like the spark in a kid’s eye when they show their family the toys they are playing with. The look of happiness on everyone’s faces when sharing in this moment of joy, is what they want to cherish.

Exactly those values are coming back in the name Kiko+: which name is a combination of Ki (wood) and Ko (child). The + stands for the desire that many generations of children will play with these unique wooden  toys for children.



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