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The inspiration of the Spanish toy brand Grapat is child's play with simple means. Stylized forms stimulate both fantasy and elements of nature.

Handmade, organic and educational, waldorf toys inspired.

Nature is central to everything that Grapat does. Use is therefore only made of local beech and birch wood from sustainably maintained forests. After the trees have been cut, they are processed by local craftsmen into the coils, coins, rings and dolls that have become familiar with the Grapat assortment. The neutral wooden products are then colored with light-opaque water-based paint (where the veins, knots and discoloration are still visible) and then put into the beeswax. This production process and the high quality of finishing ensure very atmospheric products that naturally meet the highest European safety requirements and where it is not a problem if children put it in their mouths.

Montessori elements made and colored by local craftsmen.