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Tutorial activities for kids. Vacations ready!

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Summer school vacations are around the corner, our little ones soon will have a whole day to have fun at home or outdoor. This is a great opportunity to do something very important for their development: P L A Y.

At the beach, swimming pool, home, playground, etc. They will be somewhere, but we know it is a season when they require more time from us, schedules to fulfill and activities to find all the time!

We know how important for you is to keep them busy in all that spare time they will have, therefore, here we have some fun and easy activities you can do together with them. This will stimulate their creativity and motivate that endless creativity. Enjoy!

Click on the pictures to see the full tutorial.


1. Origami Frogs

How about making some colorful origami frogs that can jump? Just follow this simple tutorial and you are ready to go!


2. Easy (Pirate) Cork Boats

Here is a super cute and quick little craft for you  – cork and rubber band boats. These are ridiculously easy and quick to do and yet are so cute and fun AND really float well.


3. DIY Fruit Coasters!


4. Shark time!

Turn your hands into fierce sharks by making a ferocious sharp paper hand puppet!
This paper toy is such a fun one, it’s always cool to make your own toys don’t you think?


5.Summer paper fans

Paper fans are a breeze to make and a great summer craft project for kids.


6. Outdoor Crafts and Arts for kids

Arts and crafts are a great way to get your kids’ creativity going! With Summer on its way, take the creativity outside with these fun outdoor arts and crafts ideas for kids.


We hope you enjoy this activity with your little ones, after all, is about spending time together, we would love to see the final result of your crafts!

Have fun!


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